The 10 Commandments of Content Creation

Recently our Account Manager, April, attended the Glug Sydney – Creative Notworking Event at the Orient Hotel in Sydney. Here, she describes the experience and the rules every content creator needs to read.

In a room filled with the top talent from the design and creative community, a series of informal key note presentations explored the latest industry insights on content, innovation and advertising in a relaxed environment over a drink or several.

Among the speakers of this particular event was industry veteran, Craig Page of The Conscience Organisation, who brought the room alive with his passion and compelling work methodologies.

The current media landscape is going through a significant shift, and almost 50 per cent of the population is actively paying to avoid what advertisers create. This is posing a serious problem for the Don Drapers of the world, but it also provides a golden opportunity for change.

Page discussed his top commandments for creating successful campaigns in this new environment. Although his list was intended for the advertising world, it really applies to all forms of content creation:   

1. Only make things people want – it can be the most beautiful campaign (advert) ever crafted, but it’s useless if no one wants to see it

2. Break the triangle – there is no reason why with modern-day technology and a little ingenuity you can’t deliver all three to a client

3. Empower your clients to make the right decisions – they are the most important stakeholder in the process

4. Never get high on your own supply of bulls**t – this will eventually lead to laziness and stop you thinking objectively, which is the antithesis of creative exploration

5. Demystify creativity and involve everyone in the process – it’s something everyone is capable of, just some people are more practiced at it than others

6. F**k ownership – great ideas are discovered not ‘invented’

7. Hit KPIs honestly and use them wisely – long term impact isn’t something you can measure

8. Find great people and get out of their way – micromanagement is the killer of creativity

9. Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose – optimism and positivity will build your team’s creative ability  

10. Give back – not only to your employees, or even your direct industry, but it’s important to deliver some good to the wider world  

Alongside these insights, it was a fun and inspirational evening with industry peers. We look forward to the next event! 

Posted on October 27, 2016 .