A History of Social Media (December 2016)

Social media has become the Wild West of the 21st century, and keeping on top of it all can sometimes feel like herding cattle with a wooden horse.

In the past couple of months, Instagram has launched live video, Tinder has introduced trans-inclusive profiles and Facebook implemented Page Engagement custom audience profiling – and that’s just scratching the surface.

To help, we’ve pulled together some of the most important recent updates across the social landscape into a nice little summary for you – you’re welcome.

Instagram Vs Snapchat

Instagram has hopped on the live video bandwagon and looks to roll over Snapchat with disappearing photos/videos now also available.

It marks another power play by the Facebook-owned network following the launch of Instagram Stories, Boomerang, Mentions and ‘See More’ – all of which have improved the platform’s appeal and functionality.

Here, Boomerang stitches together a burst of photos into a mini video that plays forward and backward, while Mentions allow you to tag other users in your story via their handle. ‘See More' links lets verified accounts add links to their stories, so users can click through to more information within the app e.g. related articles, tour dates and bio information.

On the flipside, Snapchat released their Australian user statistics, which showed roughly 25 per cent of the country is using the platform daily.

Facebook takes LinkedIn’s jobs

Never one to shy from a challenge, Facebook also has its eyes set on LinkedIn with the introduction of job listings.

The new feature allows brands to formally share a job opening on their wall (advertising details like salary, job titles and fulltime/part-time), while also creating a ‘Jobs’ tab on their profile to send job seekers to a dedicated landing page.

Page Engagement Targeting

In a move that is sure to have social media marketers jumping for joy (we are!), Facebook now gives brands the ability to generate custom audiences based on their engagement with the page.

This means that brands can now target those who have engaged with published content before – that is, if they have liked, commented or shared a post.

It is a significant development in the platform’s targeting capability and gives access to a market of users who were previously unaccounted for but highly desired.

Neither male nor female? Tinder is ok with that.

In a display of acceptance and inclusion, Tinder now gives users the ability to identify themselves as other than just male or female.

Working with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Transgender Media Program team and trans consultant, Andrea James, the platform is looking to widen their user base and create a benchmark of acceptance with this new feature.

It will be interesting to see if this move is replicated by other dating apps like Bumble and Happn.









First Screening

Have we moved passed TV as the first screen? Recent stats shared by Facebook show the power of mobile and its growing, with 1 billion of its 1.79 billion monthly active users ‘mobile only’. *mind blown*

Capitalising on this growing trend, the platform has invested in its capabilities with the addition of mobile-only features like Canvas and animated content types.

We hope this has helped you navigate the churning seas of social media and set a course for success, but be sure to stay on your toes – tomorrow is an all new day.

By Alistair Shields (Social Media Manager)

Posted on December 14, 2016 .