The Changing Face Of Instagram

Earlier this month, Instagram announced it will be changing its chronological feed in an attempt to ‘improve the user experience’ and ensure you’re not missing out on the moments you 'care about most’.

After the testing began across a small number of accounts earlier this week however, guarded anticipation turned to panic and frenzy. Users’ feeds were filled with posts from brands and influencers, asking to be ‘turned on’ – a reference to having users activate push notifications and ensure their content remains visible. Instagram was quick to respond and quell the disquiet, saying that they were listening to feedback and stating, “We promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly”.

Before Instagram announces any more changes, we thought we’d recap on the latest updates to the platform.


60 Second Videos

Rolling out today, Instagram will allow videos to be 60 seconds long, doubling the time you have to tell a story. Instagram has reported that within the past six months, they’ve seen a 40 per cent increase in users watching videos.


Search Followers

Want to search a specific user's followers, but don’t have time to scroll? Instagram has introduced a search bar in both the ‘Followers’ and ‘Following’ section! This makes it easier for stalking and allows brands to obtain a greater understanding of influencers’ audiences.


Desktop Notifications

Hinting that desktop may start to have a stronger impact, Instagram has introduced web notifications, showing likes, comments, mentions and new followers. This may be the first step in taking back Instagram from web viewer sites such as and Iconosquare – and is an interesting change for such a mobile-centric app. 


Discover on Desktop

A new compass icon on the desktop version of Instagram takes you to a personalised ‘Discover People’ page that functions like the feature on the app – showing accounts that you may want to follow, based on your network. The page allows you to be inspired by new talent, locate friends you’re not following yet and seek inspiration.

Instagram's new desktop functionalities.

Instagram's new desktop functionalities.

Time Specific

Say farewell to so many ‘weeks’ ago, Instagram now states the exact upload date the image or video was published. For brands, this deserves a parade as reporting just got that much easier!





Posted on March 30, 2016 .