Hello Chat 2.0 - We Love You Already


Snapchat, known for its blink-and-you-miss-it content has just recently released an update that is definitely a game changer. The new update steps up the competition with Facebook Inc. who currently owns Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

SnapChat’s original goal was to “emulate the best parts of face-to-face conversation”. Remaining true to its word, this new update allows all human connections in one interface. Here, we catch you up on the latest changes. 



After the $100 million acquisition of Bitstrips, Snapchat has put the technology to good use. With over 200 stickers available on private chat, conversations just got a whole lot brighter!

The Good: Type “love” or “hungry”, click the Sticker button and view related stickers.

The Bad: Realising you connect with the ‘Basic Avocado’ a little too much…. 

Voice Chat

Voice Chat – or as we like to call it, the original use of the phone. Building out the app as a full communications device, you’re now able to make a call via data and Wi-Fi. 

The Good: Snapchat will tell you that your mate is “unavailable” when they miss your call.

The Bad:  The message “Can’t talk right now” will show when they silence your call. Ouch.


Video Chat

Flexing its video capabilities, Snapchat now allows you to Video Chat while simultaneously accessing your camera roll to send images. This is unique to the game and may be a key deciding feature for users choosing Snapchat over FaceTime, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or Skype.

The Good: Never needing to ask “what’s your number?” again. 

The Bad: Your data bill. 

Video Notes

Finally, Snapchat is letting you GIF yourself! Within Chat, you can now record a short 10-second thumbnail GIF of your face, audio included.

The Good: This answers the question of how many S’s are too many when replying ‘yas’ – 9 seconds worth. 

The Bad: Like all good things on Snapchat, you can’t save your best Wooo! GIF… yet. 

Privacy Updates

Usually grey water for Snapchat, there are also new terms of service and privacy policy.

The Good: Now to ‘end’ an agreement with Snapchat, you simply have to delete the account and app (this was never specified previously). 

The Bad: Snapchat could soon have “third-party links and search results” and standard Snapchat – we’re not certain what this will entail. 


Audio Notes

Snapchat understands that sometimes you’re unable to type: in Chat you can effortlessly go from typing to sending a short voice snippet.

The Good: Great for tricky situations when your brain is moving quicker than your fingers.

The Bad: These could get ugly, Harry Potter Howler style.  

Auto-Advance Stories

Sit back and relax: after watching a Story, your next Story will auto-play without having to click.

The Good: Boosting video count and allowing users to seamlessly watch Stories for a longer period of time.

The Bad: Accidently watching the Story of a person that you were avoiding – and Twitter agrees.   

Need a visual run-through of the updates? Scan the QR Snapcode below to watch a specific Discover channel on Instagram that explains Snap 2.0.




Posted on April 5, 2016 .