A Brief History Of... Twitter with Paddy Laws

Our series chatting with the brightest brains in the biz!

Today we had Paddy Laws (@paddylaws) in the hot seat, who does Brand Development at a little company called Twitter Australia. Have you heard of them? 


1.       What’s the best thing about working at Twitter Australia?

Twitter is a big part of every aspect of my life. I find myself pitching Twitter to friends, family and sometimes even strangers!

Whether it's finding out why the city is covered in smoke, following live coverage of Eurovision or reading the latest GoT theories, I find that Twitter enhances the world around me, and what could be better than working on that everyday?


 2.       What’s the most surprising piece of successful content you’ve worked on?

The brilliant thing about Twitter is that if you follow basic rules then you don't have to be surprised by your successes.

Twitter gives users a live connection to their passions and interests. Every Tweet represents a signal of intent or identifier for these passion points. Based on this, brands have the opportunity to communicate en masse to their advocates.

The formula for success is using data to put the right content in front of the right people at the right time.


 3.       Is there a secret to creating a viral tweet? Can you share what is it?

There isn't a secret but there are few rules you can follow to make your Tweets more engaging.

If you can engage the first person who sees your Tweet, that's the most important place to start as they will share that Tweet with like minded individuals and so your universe of engaged users grows.

·  Make it timely

·  Make it stand out

·  Put your audience first i.e. what is the value to them?


4.       Whose social channels would you love to take over for 24 hours? (brand or celeb)

As a massive gamer I'd love to take over @E3 for the annual conference in June. It's such an exciting time for gaming and eSports and E3 always throws up some surprises. I'd love to be there on the ground Tweeting the news as it happens but failing that I'll be on Twitter regardless, following along live.


 5.       What updates are just around the corner from Twitter Australia? (Connect tab, your involvement with the 2016 Olympics or anything else up your sleeves) 

Twitter is constantly evolving in an effort to give users the best experience, so we're enhancing our product all the time.

A small selection of the updates in the past 6 months:

·  Twitter Moments launched in AU

·  Polls

·  gif search

·  'While you were away'

·  Periscope broadcasts direct in your Twitter feed

Twitter has always been the best place to stay up to date and take part in live events. The next few months are packed with the sort of events which are naturally amplified on Twitter.

Users will turn to Twitter for the huge global events coming up like the Rio Olympics, the Euros in France and State of Origin.


Thanks Paddy!


Posted on May 23, 2016 .