A Brief History Of... Stackla with Rachel Baartz

In this edition of A Brief History Of... we speak to Rachel Baartz, the Digital Consultant at Stackla AU. She provided us with some great insights into the power of UGC and what's coming up for Stackla.   


1. What’s the best thing about working at Stackla Australia?                                                                                                                   We have an amazing team, which is cliché, but it really makes work a lot more fun. In the almost two years I've been here we've grown substantially and some of the big brands and innovative integrations we work on are super exciting! And the industry and product is always developing and progressing which keeps us on our toes!


 2. What’s one of the most successful campaigns you’ve worked on and why did it perform well?
I loved Helloworld's campaign, which was such a success they've turned it into an always-on website. It combined lots of UGC at different touch points including; beautiful website visualisations with an interactive map of UGC, Digital Out Of Home, online advertising/retargeting with AdRoll, TVC with UGC. It all came together so well! And it generated 10,000 enquiries within the 7 days after the promotional period which was a phenomenal result for the client too. 


 3. Why is UGC so powerful and is there a secret to brands using it well?
We describe User Generated Content as being powerful because of the 3 R's: 

·         Real – It's authentic, people can relate to UGC and we know that it influences purchasing decisions.

·         Relevant – It's able to be tagged and sorted so that UGC can be served in a relevant, personalised way. 

·         Ridiculous Volumes – There are literally millions of pieces of content created on social every day, that brands can tap into and use as their own – what a goldmine!


 4. Whose social channels would you love to take over for 24 hours and why? (brand or celeb)
That's a tough call… but probably @Wil_Anderson this weekend. His political comedy is hilarious and with the looming election his Tweets are usually informative and hilarious – winning combo that I'd love to be a part of. Also, I've got a soft spot for him as he's a famous comedian who retweeted me once and made me feel famous for a moment there too :)


 5. What updates are just around the corner from Stackla? 
We're always updating the product offering, and the comings months have some awesome new features and updates that will be released. 

Reporting and Analytics is really important for our clients - the better they measure and optimise what they do, the better their marketing performs – so we're continuing to develop tools customers can use to measure how their audiences are interacting with their UGC displays.

One of Stackla's real strengths is the sophistication of its moderation tools and we're doing some cool stuff with things like image detection that we can't wait to share. We'll have more details about those are they are released later this year, but they're all very exciting additions!

Posted on July 1, 2016 .