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The brief was simple – change Victorian law. We needed to get Australians standing up for legislative change, and encourage politicians to vote YES on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in Victoria – all while navigating a complex stakeholder network, and shifting Parliamentary calendar.



A brave, high-impact integrated campaign in partnership with Cummins and Partners to reframe the suffering of a terminally ill patient as a thing of horror, featuring a compelling content piece in that genre.

This was backed by a targeted amplification and engagement strategy to capture the public’s attention through media they were already consuming, sparking conversation and giving them a simple mechanism to take action.

At the heart of the campaign was Stop the Horror – a short film created with Australian Director Justin Kurzel, positioned as a new edition to the horror genre. Unbeknownst (initially) to viewers, it documented the real-life story of the final days of a terminally ill patient’s life, with viewers immersed in the traumatic experiences of Victorian father, Greg Sims, and his family.

The distressing six-minute film allowed viewers to opt out and ‘Stop the Horror’. They were directed to a landing page with information and ways to take action – donating towards lobbying efforts, signing petitions and sharing social posts targeted at local politicians.



A viral news story with 200+ pieces of local and global coverage and potential reach of more than 280M in the first 24 hours, including features in The Australian, Mamamia, The Project, the UK’s The Mirror and cult-site UNILAD, CNN Chile plus outlets in Ireland, Peru, USA, Mexico.

Digital results saw an average viewing time for the video of 3 minutes and 15 seconds (33% YouTube completion rate), with 10,000+ petition submissions and 540,000+ social media impressions.

And, in a historic result – Victorian Parliament legalised voluntary assisted dying.

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