Despite the unique nutritional properties of mushrooms, there is currently a lack of knowledge of their nutrition and health benefits among healthcare professionals (HCPs). HWBK was tasked with working in partnership with Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS) and HIA to actively promote the health benefits of Australian-grown mushrooms.

A three-year project is in place to conduct original research designed to educate health professionals about its key findings, supporting the wider industry objective of increasing the overall consumption of mushrooms in Australia. Year one showcased mushrooms as nutritionally unique, with a focus on sharing with GPs mushrooms’ exceptional contribution to vitamin D specifically.

Year two is currently in action, with a focus on dieticians to bring them into focus and help educate the benefits of mushrooms. 

Benchmark survey surpassed our desired goal of 150, with a stellar 225 industry-recognized respondents, and confirmed our hypothesis that knowledge of the key nutritional properties of mushrooms is low.

2019 also saw us host a first-of-its-kind interactive GP webinar to highlight UV enriched mushrooms as the ‘no side effect’ vitamin D pill and top dietary source of vitamin D. With 125 registrations and over 50 audience members in attendance, we smashed all expectations, with 100% of respondents recommending the webinar to their colleagues, and an average 9/10 overall enjoyment score.

Alongside tailored EDMs and creative social content for paid activities, the webinar and survey recruitment we developed a presentation for the GPCE and a high quality 4-paqge brochure, to bring to life the key research findings and showcase mushrooms as a unique vitamin D source.

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