We’re a tight-knit collective of creative and clever individuals, whose talents come together in unexpected and exciting combinations. Our team is a diverse mix of creatives, strategists, writers, PR experts, digital and social pros, all united by one goal – to create moments in history for our clients.

Business Leader. Award Winner. Green juice enthusiast. London native.

EJ Granleese

Managing Partner

Comms Lead. Stretch and depth. Tough and tenacious. YouTube junkie. Intrepid traveler.

Edwina Brook

Business Director
Financial guru. Passionate about helping businesses thrive. Outdoorsman. Relishes family time.

Anthony Brian

Chief Financial Officer
Integrated comms specialist from London. Lover of books, trivia, bracing walks and red wine.

Corinna Fawls

Director of Reputation & Impact

Sometimes cool, always calm and collected. Lady Danbury energy. Off beat Aquarius. Powered by coffee and big ideas.

Simone Bevan

Director of Integration

Social and content guru. Enjoyer of memes. Lover of coffee - a true Melbournian.

Laura Carroll

Social & Content Lead

Creative strategist. Translating insights for the real world. Part-time gym bro. Full-time beach fanatic.

Bella Rousis

Director of Strategy & Connections
PR and media relations guru. A thorough and lateral thinker. Collector of cacti and adorer of cheese.

Rachael Gadgil

Senior Account Director

Integrated comms specialist. Loves getting into the detail. Book worm, massage enthusiast and margarita drinker.

Lizzy Chadwick

Senior Account Director
Straight talker, strategist and storyteller, socialite. Unqualified sommelier who’s big on sustainability.

Georgie Wilson

Account Director

Comms professional with a passion for storytelling. Loves a boogie, a spicy margarita and a really good book.

Thalia Aconley-Jones

Account Director
Quietly creative Londoner. Either cooking up a storm at home or trying out new restaurants. Nigella Lawson fanatic.

Jack Hazeldine

Account Manager

Lover of comedy nights, live music and shamelessly, TikTok. Trying and mostly failing to be a Bondi Beach surfer.

Sam Hayes

Account Manager
Team player. Creative thinker. Social media trend follower. Book worm. Gym junkie but also over indulger so it doesn't count.

Sarah Cefai

Senior Account Executive
Food snob, dog lover and people person. Always obsessing over the latest foodie TikTok trends.

Mia McKay

Account Executive

Avid reader and painter. Amateur writer and boulderer.

Milana Tomic

Account Coordinator

Self-professed foodie and craft-o-holic with an affinity for comms.

Sophie Moudawar

Integrated Account Coordinator

Born with a keyboard in one hand; mouse in the other. Pixel-perfect digital nerd who fills socials with cocktails, dance routines and cat pics.

Jackie-Lee Hughes

Lead Experience Designer

Digital creative and user-focused designer. Loves a pint and a pub feed.

Liam Leighton

Digital Designer



Chief Scratchetist
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