A Brief History Of... BuzzFeed with Daria Willis


A Q&A series featuring some of the most inspiring minds in the industry.

Here, we chat to Daria Willis, Client Services Manager at BuzzFeed Australia, about what it’s like to work for one of the largest media outlets on the planet and what’s next for the Most Innovative Company of 2016.


1. What’s the best thing about working at BuzzFeed Australia?                                                                                                     Honestly, it's the mix of unique, fun people who are experts in their own weirdness. Being exposed to Editorial is really refreshing because you see how BuzzFeed AU is a company that celebrates individuality, and it's what makes us unique and our content unique – and our audiences share these values. Plus, we're on the cusp of something great and innovating every second – the amount of iterations and learning/optimisation that's going on is incredible. Internally, we'd describe BuzzFeed as an octopus climbing a tree. We've got a tight grip on what's taking off (i.e. Tasty videos), but we've also got seven other arms on other branches as we know the market is evolving and we need to be leading the charge/demand for the next big thing. BuzzFeed does not rest on its laurels. 


2. What’s the most surprising piece of successful content you’ve worked on?
Probably the ATO campaign: It's easy to assume that something about taxes would be quite dry, straight and clinical – but they let us have fun with it, and we merged their objectives with the interests of our readers, which is my summary of a perfect partnership!


3. Is there a secret to creating viral content? Can you share what it is?
To put it simply, testing and learning – and getting better over time! Plus a kick-ass distribution strategy.


4. Whose social channels would you love to take over for 24 hours?

Kanye West's.


5. What updates are just around the corner from BuzzFeed Australia (Swarm, co-branded video or anything else up your sleeves)?

You've named it! Swarm is coming – and we already have co-branded video and editorial sponsorship, and Tasty sponsorship. Nifty is currently taking off on Facebook so who knows what opportunities will lie there in terms of sponsorship's for brands. Right now the biggest opportunities are in co-branded videos and Editorial sponsorship's.



Thanks Daria!



Posted on April 8, 2016 .