It’s coming: Instagram Analytics

Prayers to the analytics lords have finally been answered – Instagram is testing in-app analytics as an extension to soon to be released Business Profiles. This comes almost six months after the launch of Instagram advertising via Facebook’s Ads Manager, and will be critical in driving increased advertising investment in the channel.

So what can we expect from Instagram Insights?

Advertisers are currently flying pretty blind when targeting audiences on Instagram. They can select ‘interests’ and Facebook page ‘connections’ when placing an ad, as well as basic demographics on who to target, but these are largely simple connections via their Facebook account.

For brands with healthy followings on Instagram, there’s no official statistics on who their followers are. This new introduction seems to be designed to make it super simple to understand demographics and learn how posts perform – all within the app.

Follower Demographics

Finally, advertisers will have an official breakdown of how old their audience is, where they live, gender, and time of day they’re most active. These tools have been available on Facebook for targeting for a very long time, and will help advertisers understand their audience, and better serve them with relevant content at appropriate times.


Post Analytics

Rather than relying on Facebook Insights for the results of paid Instagram placements, Instagram will be introducing all the data already on offer from Facebook, including reach, impressions, clicks and follower activity, for organic and promoted posts.

Top Posts

Here we see an easy overview of all posts published on an Instagram account in the past 7 or 30 days, ranked by number of impressions (number of times the ad entered the screen for the first time). This is a clear and simple way of gaining a holistic overview of post engagement using Instagram’s existing grid format.

Free vs Paid

Of course, there have been variations of ‘unofficial’ Instagram analytics available for a while now, ranging from Iconosquare to SocialBakers, which range in price, reliability and ease of use. Just this week, Iconoosquare announced they would be beefing up their offering from 1 June with a complete redesign, complying with Instagram’s API to prohibit browsing your own feed on a desktop site that isn’t via, and forcing paid signups for their new version – no more free browsing.

While there’s no official launch date for these new functions, we’re expecting them to begin popping up in feeds over the coming months.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Screenshots via Later Blog.

Posted on May 17, 2016 .