Relaunch Therabody into Australia using the brand’s new 4th generation of devices to generate conversation and awareness. Support an ambitious global drive for use of percussive therapy, all during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A four stage strategy was employed to deliver against ambitious targets. At each stage influential voices within both media and online were engaged throughout. 

Within the introduction phase, a robust outreach mechanic was employed to identify and inform relevant voices about the brand and devices. 

At the educate phase, those whose interest was piqued took part in virtual ‘training’ and information sessions which talked through the benefits of both Theragun and percussive therapy in general.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a planned in person launch event was taken online with top tier media having face time with founder Dr. Jason Wersland, based in Los Angeles, USA. 

Journalists and influencers were then either gifted or loaned  a device for an extended period of time in order to trial the product with the opportunity to have follow up sessions as required.

Finally we encouraged those who loved the device to advocate for it and spread news about the products with their readers and network.

– In four months since launch, secured over 75 earned pieces of press coverage and 25 social.
– Total reach for the period was in excess of 75million
– Feature articles with top tier titles including, The Australian, InStyle and Man of Many

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